Suggested Ways To Introduce Quotes

Quotes should always have quotation marks around them. You may face plagiarism if you do not use quotation marks properly.

  1. This handout will help you decide when and how to quote like a pro.
  2. For explanation purposes, the secondary source is the work that uses the quote that you wish to include in your paper – this is also referred to as an indirect quote.
  3. There are several ways to start your introduction.
  4. Before that, she worked four years as a park district educator, designing short lessons for day camps and summer programs.

If the quotation ends in a punctuation mark such as a period or a comma, drop that final punctuation mark (keep it only if it’s an exclamation mark or a question mark). At the end of the sentence containing the quotation, provide a parenthetical citation of the page or line number, and put a period at the end of the whole sentence. You should never have a quotation standing alone as a complete sentence, or, worse, as an incomplete sentence, in your writing.

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It is also indented one-half inch on the left to set it apart. Next semester, we will read some more contemporary authors, such as Vonnegut, Miller, and Orwell.

  1. Her popular quote reminds us that there is nothing more important than family.
  2. In the first example, the division calls attention to the two parts of Hamlet’s claim.
  3. The author reveals his true feelings with his ironic remark that we should “just resort to cannibalism to defeat world hunger” (p. ##).
  4. Using quotes in your essay is a good way to hook the reader, engaging with them and enticing them to continue reading.
  5. Without analysis, you can’t make your point to the reader.
  6. Put brackets around words you need to add to a quote for clarification.
  7. In the event that you need to cite multiple paragraphs, you will need to utilize block quotes.

Sometimes you want to shorten a quote to help your reader better understand why it supports your argument. Similarly, you may want to cut out words that aren’t essential to the quote’s meaning. To cut out a word or words, you just need to put an ellipsis (…) in place of the words. According to the APA Style manual, block quotes are those that take over four lines of printed text in your essay and don’t need quotation marks. But, always check what formatting style you must use as the definition varies.

When to Use a Quote

Start the habit of briefly introducing the quote with a short paragraph, don’t just slap in a quote and hope that the readers can figure it out on their own. You can also use your introduction to introduce the author in place of using their name in parentheses at the end. Another option is to introduce the quote, input your citation, and then add commentary. Do not forget to include the entry into your reference list. You reference list should contain every single source that you’ve included parenthetical citations for in the body of the essay.

  1. And as well as using quote marks, this means working quotations into your own writing.
  2. They are usually excerpts from a famous person’s speech or writing.
  3. The quotation will seem disconnected from your own thoughts and from the flow of your sentences.
  4. A clause that ends in a speaking verb such as said, wrote, stated, asked, told, etc, is not an independent clause and should not be followed by a colon.
  5. You can’t just take any phrase and count on the attention of your readers.
  6. Discover.” could be used as a topic outline for an essay on adult education, starting your own business, or even living the life of an expat.

Sometimes it is better to try the more appropriate one that conveys your ideas. Strong phrases are bright, but they require a lot of text to explain them. It is important to note that Tonkin’s words are quoted EXACTLY as they appear in her book. This means that her British spelling is preserved.

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Using a direct quote in your essay is a great way to support your ideas with concrete evidence, which you need to support your thesis. To select a good quote, look for a passage that supports your argument and is open to analysis. Then, incorporate that quote into your essay, and make sure you properly cite it bridge sentence example based on the style guide you’re using. Secondary quotes are identified differently than standard passages. Use “double quotation marks” to indicate the secondary source, and ‘single quotation marks’ to indicate the quote itself. You may also need to include a parenthetical citation after the author’s surname.

You might be wondering why you should consider using inspirational quotes in your essays. To put it lightly, incorporating the right quotes into your work will not only bolster your argument, but it will also better convince the reader to adopt your example of an outline for an essay point of view. Using quotes in your essay is a good way to hook the reader, engaging with them and enticing them to continue reading. Whichever quote you choose to use, make sure that it contributes to your essay and doesn’t distract from it.

How do I embed a quotation into a sentence?

A colon must be used to separate this clause from the upcoming quotation. Using a comma after an independent clause would result in a run-on sentence. An independent clause contains a subject and a predicate. It could function as a complete sentence if removed from its place in the paragraph. Follow your course instructor’s guidelines for documenting sources.

Incorporate phrases and pieces of quotations into your own sentence. Set up the quotation with a sentence of your own. End this with a colon, followed by the quotation. A block quote is separated from the rest of the text by a double-space.

Be sure that you dont fundamentally change the meaning of the quotation by omitting material

Thus, the exclamation mark is considered to be part of the original quotation. Do not use quotation marks at the beginning or end of the block quote—the indentation is what indicates that it’s a quote. If you’re unfamiliar with the meanings of any of these words or others you find in your the lonely good company of books reading, consult a dictionary before using them. You can’t write a full quote if it is several sentences or paragraphs long. Instead, you can use a fragment of it that most strongly supports your idea. You will still need to cite the source if you’re just using a quoted fragment.

how to introduce a quote in an essay examples

When you use a paraphrase, you still need to provide commentary that links the paraphrased material back to your thesis and ideas. Skilled writers are in demand across all industries. Learn the tips, techniques and strategies to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas on paper.

The Quote Sandwich Sections

This means that you can use a quote if your essay is devoted to reflective, artistic, literary topics. It can be a paper of comparison and opposition, a literature review. An appropriate quote can be selected for an analytical or critical essay. Many students use quotes for their admission essays, so this is often perceived as a cliché.

  1. And remember that a semicolon (;) never is used to introduce quotations.
  2. In the second example, the isolation of “Death thou shalt die” at the end of the sentence draws a reader’s attention to that phrase in particular.
  3. Connect someone else’s ideas to the writer’s ideas.
  4. This makes a colon the appropriate choice for Choice B.
  5. The author cautions that “people who subject themselves to smoky bars night after night could develop illnesses such as emphysema or lung cancer” (p.##).
  6. In order to lend variety to your prose, you may wish to quote a source with particularly vivid language.

You can also quote from the text you’re reviewing or critiquing to back up your opinion. Use a comma before the quote, or a colon if the introduction of the quote is a complete sentence in itself. Choices A and C both begin with dependent clauses. A clause that ends in a speaking verb such as asks and says cannot function as a standalone sentence, and should be followed by a comma. Choice B begins with an independent clause, which could function as a complete sentence. This makes a colon the appropriate choice for Choice B.

Cite and take note of the following!

This helps readers better imagine what internal struggles authors faced when formulating these. Describing context should be effective if quotes come from how do you introduce a quote authors that confronted extreme events, phenomena, life circumstances, dilemmas, etc. You can use a quote to emphasize or support your arguments.

When you restate the information from a source in your own words instead of citing a quote from an article, you don’t need to put quotation marks. But don’t forget to specify all the necessary details after the passage and to provide the analysis of the paraphrase or summary. Provide commentary after a quote to explain how it supports your ideas. A block quote requires more commentary than a short quote. At a minimum, write 2-3 sentences analyzing the quote and linking it back to your thesis. However, you may need to provide longer commentary to fully explain the quote to your reader.

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